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What to Wear With Your Green Watch Wednesday

House of Horology isn’t just a watch brand, it’s a lifestyle. Each week we’ll feature a different watch from our collection and a wardrobe inspiration photo gallery so that we can make it a little easier to pull an outfit together and put the attention onto the most important part: the watch. This week we’re featuring the Bedlam Light Green watch in our #WhattoWearWednesday collage. Check out the details below.


Gentleman if you haven’t already done so, it is time to make a trip to the beach and soak up that summer sun. And just because the only thing you’ll need are some swimming trunks, who says you can’t tan and swim in style? And more importantly, you need a watch on your wrist that is durable for swimming, yet reliable at timekeeping as you lounge. This week we will show you what to wear out to the beach with one of our Bedlam watches. First, find some vibrant swim trunks in any pattern you like. Here we took some light green trunks with leaf patterns to match our Light Green watch. Don’t be afraid to layer patterns! Pair your shorts with either a solid white T-shirt or something with smaller patterns like this Toucan patterned shirt. This combo will make you look more presentable if you do decide to leave the beach and head out to grab a bite at one of those no shirt, no shoes, no service beachy places. And just so you’re comfortable, wear flip flops so you can easily kick them off and go for a swim. No matter what you do, don’t forget to protect your eyes from those rays! Here we added some green tinted sunglasses. And finally, don our Bedlam watch on your wrist. This baby is water resistant to 330 ft, has a stainless steel case, and scratch resistant sapphire crystal that can handle those waves and salty seas. Our only disclaimer is that you will get a nice watch strap tan, but nothing is wrong with that!




Images via: Italia Independent, Rag and Bone, Urban Outfitters, Vilebrequin