Three Types of Ice Machines – Which type is best for you?

Ice Makers have made a life for beverage drinkers so much easier. Often, if you like to drink beverages, various cocktails, and drinks in your house’s comfort, you need to have the ice prepared, and just in case it is a party, you also need to make sure that you don’t run out of ice. An Ice Maker solves this issue as you can generate lots of ice from it in one go. Ice Makers are of various types, and they are not just used in restaurants and food manufacturing companies but households as well. It is advised to clean your Ice Maker every three to six months. It allows the ice to be clean and fresh. Let’s see some best types of ice makers available in market.

Different Types of Ice Makers for Commercial or Home Use

Depending on your needs, there are a various types of Ice Maker available. For example, If you have less space on the counters, you can use an under cabinet Ice Maker, or if you want a portable Ice Maker, you can go for a countertop Ice Maker. Even though Ice Makers are different, the general process of ice making remains the same. The water supply comes from an external pipeline and is put into ice trays layer by layer in a refrigerated space. When the user wants to ice, the machine extracts ice from these ice trays using mild heating, which loosens the ice from the trays and supplies them to the user. 

Undercounter Ice Maker

As their name suggests, Under the Cabinet Ice Makers need to be mounted inside a cabinet or between two cabinets. They are also called built-in Ice Makers. They usually have to be connected to a permanent water supply and sometimes also to drainage. They may even have to be hardwired to an electric supply and need a professional plumber to install them. They are recommended to be used in places with constant ice needs in larger quantities. They are relatively expensive but work well for years. Some of the best Ice Makers to buy are Scotsman under-counter Ice Maker, Manitowoc under-counter Ice Maker, and KitchenAid under-counter Ice Maker. Checkout the best undercounter ice maker reviews to choose the perfect one.

Countertop Ice Maker

This type of Ice Maker is relatively small and more compact. It doesn’t need any hard wiring or permanent water supply. You can easily plug it into a standard 110V electric supply, and it is good to go. It needs the water to be poured in whenever we want ice. It is known for making ice very quickly, sometimes as quick as within ten minutes. Since it does not have any freezer system, the ice will melt after a little while. However, the machine will use the melted water to remake ice. It is compact and thus will sit very easily on your countertop.

One great use of a countertop Ice Maker is that it is portable, and hence it can be moved anywhere between the kitchen bar, patio, etc. If you ask what are the two main types of ice machines, then these Countertop and Undercounter will be the answer. Some of the good countertop Ice Makers to purchase are Frigidaire portable compact Ice Maker, Igloo portable countertop Ice Maker, and Costway countertop Ice Maker.

Modular Ice Maker

Modular Ice Makers are often used in places where they need for ice is even higher than that provided by an under cabinet Ice Maker. Thus it is the best option for commercial places like restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. If your daily ice needs are more than 300 pounds, you can go for a modular Ice Maker head. However, you will need a separate storage container to store the ice produced to get a storage bin for it. Since both are stackable, you can keep the storage bin below the Ice Maker and bring it out whenever you need more ice. You can buy the Ice-o-Matic Ice Maker modular head, Classeq modular ice machine, and Celfrost modular Ice Maker.


There are many Ice Maker types available in the market that serve different needs and requirements for users. People with small scale needs for ice can choose a countertop Ice Maker that will suit their house parties, and places like restaurants and bars that need ice on a large scale can choose the modular Ice Maker. Various brands offer these types of Ice Makers with slightly different sets of features and different price ranges. You can choose the one amongst them that best fits your needs and budget.

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