Fire Pit Types – Choose the best one for your Backyard

Everyone loves having a fire pit or a campfire in their backyard. It is not only good for a fun outdoor evening. It is not only good for a fun and chill evening with friends but also beneficial for enjoying a breezy evening by yourself. It is a great addition of warmth for an in house party with friends sitting around the fire pit discussing stories and anecdotes. Let’s see the best types of fire pits that fits your backyard perfectly.

Different Types of Fire Pits for Outdoor

Fire pits bring the feel of an outing and campfire in your very own backyard. There are various fire pits available in the markets, and you can choose the one that fits your liking. For example, some people enjoy an original fire using wood while others like gel fueled or Natural gas-based fires. To get the best fire pit ideas, first you need to know the types available in the market.

Wood Burning Fire Pits

As its name suggests, this Wood Burning fire pit type brings the feel of an actual campfire to your backyard. It offers the warmth and smoke of a campfire and also gives security from the fire hazards using a glass cover sometimes. It is often made of steel and is the size of a fire bowl. Now, the bigger the bowl, the bigger your fire can be. The varied sizes allow anyone with a big or small backyard to find a fire pit that suits their space’s size. You can purchase one from Bali, Latitude, and Landmann Barrone fire pit. 

Gel Fuel Fire Pits

These type of fire pits bring the campfire ambiance to your backyard with some added benefits. The get fuel fire pit does not generate any smoke or burnt wood smell, thus eliminating the side effects. The gel is also a relatively cleaner fuel to use. They do not generate any external heat, thus being safe, which allows you to place it anywhere in your backyard. You can buy a gel fuel fire backyard pit from Walker & Dany, JHY design, and Foter.

Propane Fire Pits

These Propane fire pits are a better alternative than both woods burning fire pits and gel fuel ones. You don’t have to refill them like the gel fuel fire pits and wood-burning fire pits. It is larger than gel and wood-based fire pits, and the flames seem to be coming from under faux wood, glass, or pebbles and thus become the center of attention in a party or any room. You can find some of the best amongst AZ patio heaters, outland fire bowl, and Fire sense bellante fire pits. 

Natural Gas Fire Pits

These Natural Gas outdoor fire pit types can be installed in any backyard that can have a natural gas installation. It is just as good as the propane-based fire pit, and the gas does not need to be refilled again and again. However, the fire pit will not be moveable since its permanent attachment to the natural gas supply. It is cheaper to maintain and more sustainable than all the other alternatives. Some of the good fire pits are the Outland living fire table, Bond Mondavi gas fire bowl, and Blue Rhino fire pits.


There are various types of fire pits available in the markets, some offer better space accommodation, other types offer more convenience, yet others are good for the environment. Since different brands offer them, you can choose one that fits all of your concerns and fits your budget. They come in various sizes, which allows the buyer to choose one that suits their space well.

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