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Art Start


House of Horology sought out Art Start this year as one of its charitable partners due to Art Start’s sincere mission: to inspire at-risk youth through the creative process. Since 1991, Art Start has worked with over 12,000 NYC children in homeless shelters, on the streets, and in alternative sentencing programs; becoming an award winning, nationally recognized model for using the creative arts to transform young, at-risk lives. Through Art Start’s daily creative workshops taking place inside some of the city’s loneliest places, youth collaborate with local artists and educators who donate their time and guidance to nurture the youth’s creativity and talents.


Art Start ‘s model is to use workshops to instill in youth the confidence to appreciate whom they already are and what they innately have to offer the world; then, to think critically, ask important questions, and pursue meaningful opportunities in life – against all odds. A portion of House of Horology’s annual sales will go to support Art Start’s work. In addition, our Soho headquarters plan to exhibit Art Start youth artist artwork throughout the year.




House of Horology sought out STOKED as one of its charitable partners this year in order to support STOKED youth development through action sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. STOKED, which now mentors youth in both New York City and Los Angeles, presents a unique opportunity for at risk youth who want to learn through community service, exploration, design and action sports. From teaching both how to design and ride a skateboard, to a four year Stoked for Success program offering mentorship in and out of the classroom, this young not for profit has successfully prepared students with the esteem to go to college and seize their goals (with an incredible graduation rate). It is also responsible for building a rich community of dedicated mentors who have seen their mentees not only get up and ride a wave, but also develop into young passionate adults.


We are proud to submit a portion of our sales this year to STOKED, which embodies the individuality and inspiration that is essential for young people today.