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Four Modern Uses for Hourglasses

Wristwatches and modern clocks are all descendants of timepieces past. This week, in lieu of #throwbackthursday, we’d like to pay homage to one timepiece in particular – the hourglass – by looking at ways of incorporating it into present use. Let’s be honest, modern hourglasses are for more than just keeping track of time in a serious game of Taboo. While they may not be the most on-the-go method of time telling, they still serve a purpose in everyday use and we have four reasons to break out the hidden hourglass treasures!


For starters, you can use an hourglass as you would in the traditional sense – to tell time! Whether you’re using the timepiece as an egg-timer to perfect the soft-boiled quail egg or simply using an hourglass to keep time during an epic quail egg eating challenge, hourglasses serve the purpose of accurately measuring time with a fixed and constant amount of sand falling per second.


If you’ve got an artistic side, hourglasses can be used in modern art to portray a wide range of symbolism. In historic art pieces, hourglasses were used to denote the passing of time or the inevitability of death, as well as the past and future.


If you like the idea of ornamental display, but don’t have such an artistic strength, you can use physical hourglasses as interior decorations that add a spice of history to contemporary settings. Hourglasses have had resurgence in popularity and lucky for us, we were able to find some that measure 15 minutes and are large enough to use for display in our flagship store.


Lastly, if you’re like us, you’re a creative and think outside of the box…literally outside of the jewelry and watch box. If you’re in need of an interesting jewelry or watch display, hang your pieces around the neck of an hourglass for an intriguing and practical use of your hourglass.