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Carmello Anthony

Five Celebs that Accessorize and Inspire(ize)


After seeing Shaggy and Prodigy sporting our Bedlam babies this week, we started thinking about other celebrities who accessorize well. We’ve only picked five, but surely there are many other men and women in the spotlight who have incredible style and a collection of accessories we’re sure we’d kill for. Below we’ve put together a list of the celebs we thought were worth mentioning.


Not only is he a Knicks player, but the above photo was taken when Carmello Anthony attended a Versace fashion show. That’s how we know he has good taste. If that doesn’t prove it, check out his arm candy. It seems like he does a good job at matching his accessories to his wardrobe. We like that. We like that a lot. (Image via stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com)


The always classic and impeccably dressed Karl Lagerfeld once told WWD “I see designing, running a company, like a high-level athletic activity.” Well Karl, we see you like a high-end fashion god. Plus his mega collection of single color fingerless leather gloves remind us of our Bedlam collection, each equipped with an individual stitched color. (Image via elitedaily.com)


We love everything about David Guetta – from his music to his attitude and even the fact that he is making stops at almost all of the EDM festivals we hope to attend this coming year. Plus, he knows just when to time the best drop, which wouldn’t be possible without a well-picked watch. That’s why we love this business. (Image via bbc.co.uk)


One of the biggest celebrity news anchors in television right now is Anderson Cooper. He’s traveled the world to report the news all while maintaining an amazing composure (and head of hair). Oh yeah and he has a pretty dapper wardrobe. (Image via andrewsullivan.thedailybeast.com)


Last but not least, we had to include one of the most widely read authors of today and our favorite, Paolo Coelho. As a poet and novelist, it’s no surprise that we would look to him for more inspiration and we surely found it in his wardrobe. He doesn’t need much color to make an impact, but we like his simple and monochrome take on fashion, much in the same way that we like the repetition of color on our watch bands. (Image via cavemancircus.com)


So it’s safe to say that these are five celebs that accessorize and inspire(ize). We’re pretty confident that they could rock our watches with ease and make it their own, and perhaps they will someday.