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AT HOH, we believe in a lot of things.


We believe that anything is possible. We believe you create your own reality. We believe that if you want something and aren’t afraid to reach for it, the universe will welcome you with open arms.


In our case, we couldn’t find the watches we wanted – fashionable without being over-designed, sturdy without being clunky, and beautifully crafted without an insane price tag – so we decided to make them ourselves!


We broke traditional watchmaking down to its elements, distilled the essence of both luxury and fashion design philosophy, and engineered a brand new watch from the ground up. We evaluated every detail over and over, until every part was just right. As a result, HOH watches are beautiful and functional – they have luxurious components, a cutting-edge design, and a down-to-earth price.


It’s important to us, because *you’re* important to us. At HOH, we believe our customers are individuals, not sales figures or walking wallets. We believe you deserve the very best from us, and we aim to deliver!


You know who you are – you’re an idealist. You believe in people over profits. You believe in living in the moment, and making the most of every experience. You believe in forging your own path. We get you, because we *ARE* you.


Our watches will see you through any occasion – whether your agenda calls for a day at the beach, an afternoon brainstorming the next big idea, or a night on the town. If you’re an independent thinker, a laid-back urban warrior, a free spirit, a jet setter, or just someone who believes that quality shouldn’t come at the expense of fashion (and vice verse), we’ve got your back.


We want our legacy to be about limitless possibilities. Whatever your mission, we want to help you do it, and do it with style!